Epidermis Tattoo Convention Exeter 2017
Epidermis Exeter Tattoo Convention
Westpoint Tattoo Convention Exeter

Love Sick London

High quality street wear, born in Camden, worn worldwide.


Stay Close Clothing

Independant clothing from Oxfordshire.



Flavour Vapour

The home of superior electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.


Abandon Ship

Creating opportunities and pushing boundaries through clothing.


Old J Spiced Rum

Old J's classic combination of spices, sugar, vanilla & lime makes Admiral Vernon's the best tasting liquid in the spiced rum category!


Electric Ink

When your body is your canvas, and tattoos are your stories. Stand up and stand out, with Electric Ink.


RSI Apparel

Real art, made accessible through quality clothing.


Family Of The Dead

Independant, alternative fashion.


Cocaine Cartel Clothing

Cocaine cartel cothing is a mix between urban street wear and high end Fashion.


Ink It Out

Ink it out is an independent lifestyle fashion brand from Yorkshire.


Haris Nukem

Drare Clothing

Founded in the UK in 2015, DRÂRE aims to create products that catch the eye with limited edition lines.


Sharon Mckinley Designs

Sharon McKinley Designs produces unique, edgy jewellery for those with a creative spirit and an alternative mindset. Focusing on ethically sourced leather and semi-precious stones, this handmade range centres on design, beauty and craftsmanship.


Sui Generis

London Grillz

Custom Gold Grillz Maker.


Alexandra Bella-Brows

O'Donnell Moonshine

O’Donnell Moonshine produces spirits using only natural ingredients. Bottled in original mason jars.


Dirty Boy Soap

We at Dirty Boy are here to ensure that even the manliest of men are able to look, smell and feel their best with our range of natural products.



Our Shea Butter contains the highest amount of natural Vitamin A & E making SheaCare the finest natural & organic healing product on the market.


Camden Classics

Modern and vintage army surplus.


Exeter Leukaemia Fund (ELF)

Jojangles Wandering Art

Norcotts Cider

Skullpapa Clothing

Exeter Tattoo Convention

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